Galileo Information Centre – Chile

The Galileo Information Centre is funded by the European Commission, Defence, Industry & Space – DG DEFIS.

The Galileo Information Centre is the information centre on the technologies and programs of the European Satellite Navigation Systems (EGNSS).

Based in Santiago de Chile, we offer support to the satellite navigation industry, application developers and end users in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador .

The objectives of the Centre are to:

  • Disseminate information about GALILEO and EGNOS to enhance local awareness and understanding of the European GNSS services in the region.
  • Promote the implementation of activities related to European satellite navigation systems.
  • Monitor local and regional initiatives that use satellite navigation technologies.
  • Provide support to users in South America in the development of new applications through cooperation with the European industry.
  • Support education and training on issues related to EGNSS.

For this purpose, the consortium partners implement a set of activities focused on providing information about the LATAM market and local GNSS initiatives through the preparation of market studies.

Awareness raising activities are also organized to ensure the visibility of European satellite navigation activities.

Likewise, the development of applications related to GNSS is supported through the celebration of Hackatons and the provision of testing services and business support in a “Living Lab” environment. This guarantees cooperation and the exchange of information between both continents.

Training is essential to ensure the development of GNSS applications, collaborations and market growth. In this sense, the two participating universities in the consortium, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain-Europe) and the University of Santiago de Chile, provide training courses and seminars in the field of GNSS technology and applications.

Project activities focus on supporting international cooperation and market penetration, as well as outreach and business support services. Increasing its efforts to ensure a positive flow between European industry and the main regional stakeholders through:

  • Organization of matchmaking events for representatives of the European Union and Latin America industries
  • Outreach activities of the European space program, in particular GNSS
  • Facilitation of high-level meetings for the European Commission with institutions in the region
  • Provision of updated information on GNSS to the European Service and to the Delegations of the European Union in the region


KIM coordinates the Galileo Information Centre – Chile project. KIM is an international company with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Vigo and Santiago de Chile, which seeks to align the expectations of the industry and the research and technological centers to exploit the opportunities of open innovation.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid has among its objectives the creation, development, transmission and criticism of science, technology and culture. It has national and international recognition and ‘Campus of International Excellence’distinction, that endorses the quality of its teaching and research activity.

The University of Santiago de Chile has a vast 170-year academic career and is projected as a campus of excellence, with an emphasis on research and a global perspective. According to the prestigious QS world ranking, it is located within the top three universities in the country.



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    European GNSS Service Center (GSC)

    Project funded by the European Union, Grant Agreement 2.809404. Defence, Industry & Space – DG DEFIS, European Commission