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The GALILEO INFORMATION CENTRE–Chile Services are free of charge:

  • Market & Stakeholders Identification

    -Monitoring the Latin American Market and local GNSS initiatives:

    • Preparation of market studies on the use of devices and applications in key GNSS market segments – large and professional market;
    • Identification of fast growing markets in the region;
    • Identification of social, economic and operational benefits of Galileo (and GNSS) for the region.

    -Mapping of key actors in GNSS Development in Latin America and the EU at different levels (eg R&D institutes, public institutions, private sector);

    -Preparation of a database that feeds the activities of the centers.

  • EGNSS promotion

    -Preparation and development of a communication strategy on EGNNS programs and applications, highlighting: networking (EU-LA); Adaptation of the strategy to each country.

    -Preparation and dissemination of documentation to publicize EGNSS programs among different actors and end users.

    – Presentation of Galileo – including industrial applications.

    -Establishment and maintenance of a web page, including an EGNSS library / documentation repository, activity reports, industrial applications, market developments, information on seminars, etc.

    -Organization of information sessions on Horizon 2020 / Europe – opportunities for collaboration in the GNSS sector.

    -Participation in GNSS conferences and trade fairs.

    -Support for the integration of Galileo in regional GNSS plans.

  • Facilitate the development of EGNSS-based applications

    -Ideas for new applications and services for companies based on GNSS including, where appropriate, the development of integrated EGNSS / COPERNICUS applications for a better result.

    -Development of :

    • Technical specifications for new applications.
    • Verification, verification and validation of applications.
    • Support for certification, where appropriate, in cooperation with users, the European and local industry and the Academy.

    -Support for marketing, sales and the execution of new GNSS applications based on Galileo.

  • Education & training on EGNSS

    -Support for cooperation between European and Latin American universities in high-level courses on GNSS (Doctorate):

    • Promotion (mutual) of respective educational programs;
    • Coordination and facilitation of educational activities, eg. Co-supervision of PhDs / Joint PhDs;
    • Exchanges between universities and / or industries [internships].

    -Logistical support for courses / seminars on EGNSS technologies and applications (in collaboration with local universities and technological institutes):

    • Preparation of training plans that take into account local and regional knowledge and skills needs.
    • Preparation of content for training and seminars.
  • Facilitate industrial collaboration between Europe & Latin America

    -Organization of matchmaking meetings for the European and Latin American industry;

    -Promotion of contacts between entities involved in R&D&I on GNSS:

    • Provision of intelligence on business opportunities in R&D&I of GNSS applications;
    • Providing the European and local industry with a forum for the formation of business alliances;
    • Support for the formation of GNSS R&D consortia.

    -Facilitation of high-level meetings and support to the European Commission in economic diplomacy activities with local institutions in the region (particularly in still unexplored markets).

    -Interface with the European External Action Service (EEAS):

    • Provision of detailed trade intelligence on EGNSS markets and relevant partners to strengthen EU special economic diplomacy.
    • Provision of general consulting on EGNSS.

    -Interface with the Chambers of Commerce:

    • Provision of business intelligence on markets and on relevant GNSS partners.
    • Provision of general consulting on GNSS.
    • Support for the organization of annual seminars on EGNSS.


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